Easy Does It

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time sitting on the bench, nurturing my musician’s concentration, while sunny yet breezy November days pass me right by.

Slooooow progress. But I guess, many a little makes mickle.
Occasionally I go sit by the pool, watch kids swim, maybe eat a sundae, and let my now dormant contemplative power come to the fore. Believe it or not, learning not to think incessantly is actually a not-so-easy skill to adopt.

Everything seems easier now; even when I do think, it’s hardly worrisome thoughts. Most of the time my thoughts center around the various types of love we find in life, happy moments, and the joy of pursuing a dream.

But being lighthearted is a surreal feeling, still is, after all these years. Gone with the restless mind are the need to fit in, to be less different, the wish to be elsewhere, to be someone else. And in their place, life at ease and at its best.


One thought on “Easy Does It

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